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2018 Décor Trends For Less

The décor trends for 2018 are in and the experts are saying that decorating the whole space, not just the walls and tables is a must for this year. Anyone with a wedding budget can tell you that the cost of this can be high, but we don’t think you should have to choose between the wedding of your dreams and sparing your budget. So we’re going to tell you exactly what the trends are and then how to achieve them in your wedding for less.

Less is more. Social media is having more of an impact on people’s wedding choices, specifically Instagram. So you don’t need many pieces in your venue but it is important that they are Insta-worthy. The wedding trend report is seeing more “natural objects and forms” with “organic and contemporary style.” You can achieve this by creating texture with height variation in your center pieces. One way is to have different height and shape vases with your flower of choice. We’re also seeing it become more popular to make each table individual and this is a great easy way to do that. Another floral piece to incorporate is wreaths, this is growing ever more popular for weddings. You can hire them, or to save more money on it by doing it yourself.

Floral decorations and greenery is ever present. Flowers take up around 10% of the overall budget. So it’s important to save money on them where you can, one way you can do this is to pick out of season flowers. For example, if you’re having a summer wedding, consider flowers such as Lenten Roses or Camelia.

Hanging greenery has been popular for a while and is continuing to be, a long with the fairy-tale look. So hanging ivy is a beautiful alternative to a long and low on the bride and groom’s table. Its a good idea to experiment with greenery, including edible items, wedding favors maybe? As well as hanging ivy, hanging lighting is gorgeous and very effective in creating an atmosphere, all you need is some fairy lights.

Weddings are more personal and family orientated. Guest numbers are getting smaller and couples are getting more involved with their guests. So entertainment is becoming about the couple and about group involvement. Which is why small tables are on the way out and fewer bigger tables are on the way in. Big tables are in to get new people meeting each other and keep conversations flowing between guests. Fewer tables will also conveniently help to keep the cost down.

Chairs are obviously important. A great way to save on your seating is to have naturally beautiful chairs that you can keep plain, rather than having to buy chair covers. This also goes seamlessly to the contemporary direction that weddings are heading.


Themes are on the way out, instead what’s important is personality and making the wedding unique. Use your wedding as an opportunity to define who you are as a couple.

I hope this has given you lots of inspiration. If you have any more ways to get beautiful décor for less or have a favourite 2018 trend to share then please add a comment and help your fellow bride.
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Happy planning everyone!

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