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House of Oliver’s Guide to Plus Size Wedding Dresses

We love plus-size brides here at House of Oliver Bridal and we’re always promoting new designers and collections that are specifically created to make the curvier among us feel amazing!

Over half the UK female population wears a dress size 16 or over, so we feel it’s only fair that all brides get to find the wedding dress of their dreams, no matter their shape or size. It’s even more important that you are able to try on a wedding dress in your size before you buy! Imagine not trying on the most important dress of your life and ordering from a sample dress that’s a few sizes too small – well that’s the reality some of you are facing. Either that or order in a plus size sample from your chosen store (sometimes at a cost to you) then you wait weeks for it to arrive and you may not even like it! Trying on a dress in your size makes all the difference, you can get a true feel for where the material should sit and even just for practical reasons and knowing what alterations you need doing.

At House of Oliver Bridal our second most important principle (after bringing you affordable stunning designer wedding dresses) is that every bride should be able to try on a wedding dress in their size.

We celebrate curves and stock a full range of dresses from a size 6 up to a UK size 28 and our bridesmaids dresses come in these sizes too.

Gone are the days where plus size wedding dresses weren’t even manufactured and the bridal industry is wising up to the fact that not every bride is a size 8! We hold dresses by leading names in the bridal industry in an 18 and over.

We have lots of show stopping dresses for you to choose from. No matter what style of dress you are looking for. If you are a girly girl and looking for that perfect princess gown to show off your assets look no further than the Julietta Collection from Mori Lee.

The brands signature sparkle embellishment will have you feeling like a princess in no time. If you are looking for a gown to hug your curves than Intuzuri dresses may be what you have been searching for. Structured with internal corsetry to place everything exactly where it should be and designed to show off your fabulous silhouette – work your curves in one of these beauties.

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So here’s our 4 Big Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Material – know your materials! Chiffons will skim over any lumps and bumps whereas ruching in satins and taffetas can create a flattering effect.

2. Accessorize – Clever placing of a belt or brooch can draw the eye in to your smallest point. Ask the assistant for their advice but don’t be scared to say if you think you could accessorize the dress better. You know what you like/don’t like a lot better than the assistant will!

3. Underwear – A well supportive bra and control pants can make all the difference even if it’s just to create that smooth silhouette for the dress to perfectly skim over.

And our golden rule …….. which always applies no matter what size you are:

Never be pressured into buying a wedding dress. If you need time to think about it, go away and sleep on your decision. You will know in the morning if the dress is right for you.


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