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The Wedding Trends of 2018 You Don’t Want To Miss!

Happy New Year! We are into another year already and in the wonderful world of weddings, that means a few things……..
It may be your year – the year you get married, and if so ‘Eeeek’ – it’s the time you’ve been waiting for – the time you get to say ” I get married this year!” How many of you counted the seconds until you could write that on your social media platforms. Let this year be your year, and enjoy adding those final touches and the weight lifted once your big day is all planned and everything has been paid off. All your hard work is about to come together – enjoy it! Perhaps you are still looking for a final idea or too to complete the big day, just read on….

or …..

You may be recently engaged. 10,000 engagements happen over the Christmas period in the UK alone – it makes up for around 1/3 of all engagements each year. Christmas eve is deemed the most romantic day to be proposed on (according to BrideBook) and more engagements happen over the week of Christmas Day to New Years Eve than any other time of year. Massive congratulations if you are one of those couples – what an exciting time! The butterflies, the excitement, all of the planning – enjoy what is a unique time in your life and one that is really special, planning your wedding. Soak it all in and enjoy as much of the processes as you can – one day table plans and bridesmaids dresses will be a distant blur and you’ll look back with huge pride at the day you pulled together to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life in front of the people who matter most to the two of you.

And the final bit of exciting news is

Those who work in the wedding industry get to find out what kinds of weddings we will be seeing in 2018! This is super exciting for us, at House of Oliver Bridal we work super hard to bring you the wedding news we know you want to hear! We work with social media influencers, wedding magazine distributors, talk to the best planners in the industry, and also most importantly talk to as many of you brides and grooms and those planning a wedding as possible are so are now able to bring you what’s going to big on the wedding scene in 2018 . . . . . . So read on to find out the colour trends, entertainment and what’s happening in bridal fashion in decor on the wedding scene in 2018 – we are seeing a bit of a change and we can’t wait to get to know all about your weddings . . . . . . .

Wedding Colour Trends of 2018

These are the hot colour schemes we will be seeing through 2018. We are seeing a shift towards softer palates and shades of colour rather than a set colour for everything to be matched too. This creates a more romantic feel and makes everything that bit softer too. It’s also a nightmare trying to colour match everything to your exact chosen shade and can cause some real headaches down the line – especially as wedding suppliers will all have their own variations on what that colour is! We are all for this trend! Here’s some of the colour themes we’ll be seeing hit weddings this year:

Wedding Decor Trends

As we push ever towards a more social age, we are predicting this year that wedding decor will feature more importantly than ever before when couples are planning their big days, this will definitely reflect in allocated budget too.
Interestingly wide tables seem to be on the way out, with smaller tables whether they be rectangular or oval are in. This is to create a more intimate feel and encourage more conversation between guests. Rustic chairs seem to be a 2017 trend going nowhere with sashes draped elegantly as an accessory rather than as a means to cover up a chair. We have noticed a rise in luscious green foliage being used in venue dressing as a replacement to sculpted floral arrangements and metallics are going nowhere, think less rose gold and more coppers.

Hanging decor is also set to boom with us seeing a huge rise in creativity on how our venues are decorated – it turns out we do look up! Lighting will be used creatively too as the themes you choose for your wedding become an experience in dressing the whole space rather than just the walls and tables. From fairy lights to foliage we are looking forward to seeing how this trend manifests itself throughout 2018 and beyond. Textures will be a big thing in 2018 too – we can’t wait to see the interesting ways you incorporate these into your big day, here’s some ideas to help . . . . .


Next week we’ll be sharing a blog on how to save money on your wedding decor be sure to check it out! We have some amazing tricks on how to get the luxe cost for less . . . .

Wedding Entertainment

Bringing the party in 2018 is all about the guest experience! When your guests are having a good time, you can relax into the day too. With doughnut bars to whisky stations and the rise of the photo selfie mirror 2017 threw up it’s own trends but 2018 is not disappointing on showing weddings how to have a good time!

Continuing on from 2017 live performers will continue to be on the rise over a traditional DJ. Some bands even do both, so you can get 2 entertainment aspects in one. A live band for some of the night and then later on after all of the formalities are out the way ‘Boom Time’ with the tunes!

With the 2018 wedding experience trend in mind, we expect to see a rise in guests opting for providing their guests with an experience rather than a more traditional favour. With wedding tech massively on the rise you can provide guests with pretty much anything you can think of. As an alternative to caricaturists couples can now provide their guests with miniature carvings in chocolate done on the day, the options are limitless. Whereas this example may seem a little extravagant many couples in 2018 will choose to gift an experience to their guests in place of a favour and it can be as unique to you as you like! Magicians performing fully immersive shows during a quiet period in the wedding rather than table to table magic as just one idea.

Beauty Bars are on the rise in corporate parties and usually we see those trends hit the wedding market soon after, so perhaps you may want to do a DIY version with a lipstick station, in place of a ‘touch up’ box in the bathroom, the options are limitless. Champagne bars were never going to go anywhere and Prosecco station sounds and tastes just as good! More modern choices of entertainment such as beatboxing are on the rise, with you couples really homing in on having a day that reflects you both as a couple. We are all for that! Look out for confetti bombs, and coloured smoke displays too. Can we please get an invite?


The Wedding Dress

And here’s the one we have been waiting for! The wedding trends of 2018 we have been most excited about sharing. Here at House of Oliver Bridal we are committed to bringing you gorgeous, on trend wedding dresses in your size, something we feel, is incredibly important when trying on wedding dresses. This is why we have over 200 dresses in store, in sizes 6-26 and have dress deliveries twice a month and are constantly looking forward as to how fashions are changing.

From runway shows to chatting to designers and manufacturers we’ve been looking at what’s going to be big in bridal wear in 2018 and here’s some inspiration that just may get you thinking about the dress you’ll wear when you say ‘I Do’

Lace is always classic and we see it year in year out. But this year we expect to see more unique lace patterns, lace overlays on nude bodices and skirts rather than white or ivory really makes lace pop and is slightly more modern. Romantic flowing fabrics, off the shoulder designs and dresses with pockets were all seen on the runway too. Last year saw the low back, whereas 2018 will see a rise in sheer side panels, a hint of a sexy silhouette.

Dresses are getting lighter with designers knowing that you want to move around and dance, comfort for the day is important and is something that your personal bridal assistant can help you with at your appointment. A dress should never feel too tight you would feel uncomfortable on your big day!

Off the shoulder detailing is coming back, deep v necklines, there’s something for everyones taste. Not just ivories and whites, nudes and blushes are creeping on to the bridal scene.

Last year we saw a lot of social media pressures in the wedding industry and media on brides to have a certain dress or style and have it photographed in a certain way – the potential not so nice side of Pinterest worthy weddings and Instagram. We are however seeing more and more women trusting their own style and ‘pushing back’ which we love! Confidence is most definitely sexy, savvy brides are trusting their own style and looking more at what they love than following mainstream trends which we are all for! This is why your personal assistant will ask questions, and get to know your style and your wedding. It’s how we can give you the best appointment possible and pick out some styles you may have not thought of and help you find that kind of dress you had in your head.

The most important thing is finding a dress that makes you feel the best version of yourself and to take all of the inspiration in this blog as what it is, inspiration and to get you thinking about the style you may like to go for or indeed the wedding you would like to plan.

The best advice we can give to bride to be’s is to come and book an appointment and try some dresses on, learn about the shapes of dresses and styles and fabrics that you love by trying them on – it’s really fun! Your assistant is on hand to answer any questions and to help you navigate our dresses, perhaps suggest a dress or three too. All that’s left for you to do is relax, share a glass of something nice and enjoy your appointment.

Here’s some inspiration of some of the sorts of dresses you may wish to try on in your appointment.


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Happy Planning!

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