Decorating Your Own Wedding Venue

Some fantastic ideas on how to decorate your wedding venue   

Centre Pieces 

If you are looking for some different and unique DIY ideas for styling your venue then here are some for you:

Centre pieces are a big part of your venue as they tie everything together, here are some DIY ideas to make your tables different to others.

1. In stead of having flower centre pieces you can use something, like candles, to make your tables stand out. The range of candles are as wide as flowers, for example there are so many different shapes, sizes and colours of candles. However it doesn’t stop there you can use old material and stick it around the candles to make them more unique. You can also have candles floating in water with different coloured flowers underneath.  

2. If you like the idea of having flowers as a centre piece but think it is too traditional then you can use potted plants. They come in a wide range of varieties and types to. With potted plants you can stick to a colour theme by having the pots as the same colour or buying plants that are similar in colour. If you want to make them stand out even more then you can put candles around them.

3. A great way to add a pop of colour to your tables are by using old wine bottle and painting them with whatever colour you want. This is a simple DIY because you are reusing old bottles and sprucing them up with a simple coat of paint. You can also make them even more unique by sticking stickers or anything you want on them to make them stand out.

4. If you want to stick with flowers as a centre piece but you don’t want to use real flowers you can make your own paper flowers. This means you know exactly what they will look like and you can make them to your own taste. Making them yourself means you can make them whatever size or shape you want depending on what your theme is. 

5. A more modern design for centre pieces is to have a vase filled with different types of sweets. For example you could have the gummy bear table and the mini egg table. This adds a pop of colour to your tables and means the children can snack on them while they are waiting for their food.

Chair Covers

Chair covers add a pop of colour to your venue and makes your venue looks more elegant, this is a video which shows you different ways to tie chair covers.


Aisle Decoration

Aisle decorations can be simple or complicated depending on what your theme is, here are some ideas you can use:

1. If you want a simple and cheap DIY for your aisle decoration you can cut out a shape you want on different coloured paper and then stick them on sticks. This would work with outside wedding because you can stick them into the grass or sand. This DIY idea may be time consuming however it is cheap and can add a little pop of colour.

2. Having flowers as aisle decorations is traditions, but if you don’t want to stick with this them you can use potted plants. These can be small or large depending on what you would like, you can also have different types and colours. People may say that using potted plants will look messy but if you cover the pots with materials them they will blend right in.

 3. People may think that if you are having elegant aisle decorations then you have to have bigger decorations. However you can use a little wooden block with a candle or a few candles around it, this is simple but very elegant. If you think this is to boring for you then you can add your own twist on it by scattering a few flower petals around it.

4. A simple idea for a traditional aisle decoration is to get a piece of material and tie a simple bow around the arms of the chairs. If you want to add something else on, maybe because you want some more colour, then you can buy some flowers and stick them in the middle of the bow. You don’t even have to have real flowers, if you find paper flowers are cheaper then you can still use them.

 5. If you are having a colourful and fun wedding then a simple DIY is to just get coloured and shaped balloons, depending on what you want. This will add colour to your aisle and is very easy to do. You can use any colour or shape you want, like hearts. Having balloons means you can easily tie it in with your colour theme because there are a range of coloured balloons. However if you don’t want balloons lanterns can be another alternative. Both of these can also be used as lights if you want a similar design at your venue.


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