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How will you feel on your wedding day?

Today, we have been talking in work about how a wedding day makes you feel. Emotional wellness is big on my list at the minute and we have been trying to tune more into our emotions at work to help each other out a little bit more, really make sure we are listening to you as our customer and making sure we say something lovely to each other everyday. All of these things contribute to the happy, friendly place we know you find House of Oliver Bridal is 🙂

This naturally got us thinking about your wedding days and how much of an emotional investment the day itself is. You get to marry the love of your absolute life in front of all the people who matter to you most, and even if the details are stressy, and sometimes they are – remember it’s about the two of you, getting married and how amazing is that that in a world of 7.4 billion people you both found each other and you get to spend every day telling each other that.

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On those stressy wedding planning days, pause for a second and look over at your other half and just take a few moments to remember how amazing it is that you found each other.

We were chatting about how exciting the build up of any wedding is, and how some of you may be really nervous and other brides we have talked to just don’t seem to get nervous at all. All of the things that may run through your head whilst you are walking down the aisle or in that moment before the music comes on. Will you be thinking about the first time you both met? Looking forward to seeing your partners face or wondering what they are thinking about whilst they wait for you at the end of the aisle.


Whatever it is you are thinking, just remember happiness gives off such a lovely glow, your partner is going through the exact same thing just a few feet away and you are just one walk away from the next chapter of the both of yours lives.

Have a lovely weekend. A huge congratulations to all of our brides and grooms who have their weddings this weekend. Have an absolutely amazing day.

How do you think you will feel just before you walk down the aisle? Or if you are already married, do you have any advice for other brides and grooms? Leave us a comment, you know how much we love hearing about your weddings.

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