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Our 7 Tips for Having a Stress Free Build up to your Big Day

Our very own Roxy got married not long ago. During her planning she mentioned a few things she’d have done that I have been passing on to the brides that come in. Then after the wedding she told us a few things she would have done differently. Now I’m passing them on to you! So these are little things not to forget, to make your day all the more perfect.

Packing for honeymoon

After spending so long planning your wedding and with the list of things that needs to be done, it’s understandable that packing for your honeymoon can slip from your mind. But packing everything last minute is not what you want to be doing, as it is so easy to forget the things you’ll need.

Someone to bother instead of you

On your big day everybody is going to think they have something important to tell you, especially if something goes wrong (which at least one thing does at every wedding), but these are not things you want to be hearing on the happiest day of your life. So pick someone to listen to what everyone has to say, then decide whether or not you need to know. It’s also a good idea to come up with a few back up plans for the day, tell your designated person and just let them deal with it. On the day everything will fall into place, but you don’t need to be worrying about it.

Hair trial

Most brides I talk to have booked for a hair trial before the big day, but what not so many brides think to do is to buy their hair piece and veil ready to take with them. Getting to so see everything come together in advance will be a weight off of your mind and it will allow you to make a decision on whether you want to keep your veil in all day or just for the ceremony.


With every wedding dress you’re going to need a final fit, it’s going to be worthwhile taking with you the bra that you plan to wear on the day. Most wedding dresses will have boning inside so you could go without a bra, but going braless isn’t for everyone or every dress. If you need any advice on what one to wear ask your seamstress or take a picture of your dress into a specialist shop and they’ll tell you what would be best.

The must have photos

Most people will have an image in their heads about the best wedding day photos. For some it will be the confetti shot, for others it’s about the getting ready photos, it could be all about the first time the groom see the bride, or maybe it’s all of them. Whatever the images are that you know you want of your big day make sure you tell your photographer so you’re not disappointed.


With getting ready and possibly not sleeping your day is going to start early, but nerves may mean that food is the last you’ll be thinking about so it may just slip your mind that you haven’t eaten. With the ceremony and greeting your guests, that wedding breakfast might be a long time coming. So try to eat something when you’re getting ready, or even better share a bite to eat with your new husband on the way to the reception.

Emergency pack

Things will happen throughout the day. Your hair may come lose, your dress could get stood on… So that you’re prepared for everything have one of your bridesmaids keep with them, hair grips, a needle and thread (for any quick patch ups), lipstick and maybe some chocolate.

This list is ever growing so if there’s anything you’d wish you’d known or you did do that helped, leave a comment and tell us what it was! Happy planning everyone.

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