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Planning a Winter Wedding . . . .

The nights are getting brighter and the approaching summer is firmly on the minds of most but if you are planning a winter wedding your mind may still be on seasons past.

Planning a winter wedding may sound crazy! You have to cope with the dropping temperatures and the falling snowflakes. However, winter weddings can turn out to be utterly magical and romantic. With the right preparations, the event is cool and lovable. Here are the tips to a great winter wedding:

1. Dress your Bridesmaids in Style

Keep the traditional rules that say that the fabrics you wear must correspond to the time of the year that you’re getting married. It’s okay to choose a strapless dress and drop the traditional old-school notion of long sleeved dress. Choose the dressing your bridesmaids will be comfortable wearing. You don’t have to worry that some dressing choices are light since most winter weddings are held indoors, and you’ll probably have a heated venue. As a result, your bridesmaid won’t have any issues with warmth regardless of the dress code. Getting the suitable wedding dresses for your bridesmaids may be a tough decision to make. At such a time, visit House of Oliver to get the best advice on which dresses are suitable for the occasion.

2. Find a Reception Spot at a Convenient Location

Surely, you may not have enough information to help compare the different available venues, their accessibility, and respective costs. To be assured of booking a suitable venue, contact skilled wedding planners since they have sufficient information about the different venues available and their accessibility regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. A convenient location makes it easy for your guests to attend your winter wedding without giving excuses. Plan in advance with your photographer so they know the best window for getting photos with natural light. They’ll know how best to make use of the light you have so may suggest doing photographs in a different order than you may be expecting.

3. Make your Reception Warm

Your wedding requires a warm and cosy reception to fight off the chilly outdoor weather. To achieve this, incorporate candles into your reception décor and use warm fabrics in decoration. Consider having a hot chocolate station or mulled wine bar to keep guests warm especially if there is going to be any photos outside.

4. Don’t allow the Venue to Overheat

Since its cold out there, you may need to heat up the venue. However, if you note that the place is becoming too hot and the guests starting to sweat, you may require asking your wedding coordinator to lower the heat a notch or two. A better option here is having separate thermostats for the different areas of the reception space. This way can set the maximum heat of the dance floor lower and that of the sitting area higher to protect visitors from freezing.

5. Be Bold to Try Different Colours

Traditionally, winter weddings use bright white, beautiful red and deep green colours. However, you don’t have to follow the tradition. Try different colours. This may prove tough for you since you don’t want to choose a mediocre colour combination. As a result, consider getting advice from experts. House of Oliver is the best option here. Due to our vast experience in different wedding ceremonies, we’ll help you identify the best colour to make your wedding unique and colourful. Additionally, we have different types of wedding gowns to choose from.

6. Prepare For the Worst-Case Scenario.

We want your wedding to be as stress free as possible and so do you……..As you plan a winter wedding, it’s important to ask yourself questions such as; what would happen if there’s snowfall on the wedding day? Plan a venue with accomodation on site and perhaps ask the hotel to reserve a few extra rooms just incase the weather takes a turn for the worse and some guests don’t fancy the travelling home.

Ask the major participants such as the venue owners, photographers, DJs, and videographers what would happen if you cancel the event due to unavoidable weather conditions. Luckily heavy snow isn’t something we see too often, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry and we would always suggest you taking out wedding insurance for any wedding. Cover starts from as little as a one off payment of £9.99.

It would protect you against losing any deposit money as a result of weather-related cancellations.

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Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Fujikawa Photography

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