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Save Money on Wedding Transport

You get it….we try and help you save money on your wedding, and one of the top things we get asked constantly is how to save money on the wedding cars and we get it, it’s your big day – you want to arrive (and leave) in style!
With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can save money on your wedding transport.

1) Call in a favour

Know anyone who has a fancy car willing to be chauffeur for the day. Call it their wedding present! Pop a post on to your social media, chances are if you don’t know anyone, someone you know will. If its not someone you are close with offer them some money. Tell them how much it will mean to you both to be able to arrive as husband and wife in their car. Offer to have their car cleaned as a thank you, supply the ribbon yourself and don’t be too demanding making them taxi half of your guest list around all day.

2) Book a Bus

If a lot of your guest list will be travelling from the same approximate location consider hiring a bus and driver. The cost can easily be split between everyone using it and with the average number of seats being 75 you can offer a taxi service to a nearby drop off point for a few quid each. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to a vintage bus you can hire a coach or a mini bus for much cheaper and ask for it to be ribboned.

3) A taxi

Inner city cabs are stylish and offer great wedding photos! For just the price of the fare you can have some great photos and arrive in style too. If you don’t live in a city, you can look for a cab company with some good cars on the books. With a taxi too you won’t be paying for champagne, ribbon or decorations just the fare ride. Mention you would like some pictures with the car too so they leave a big enough gap between bookings and perhaps offer to give a little extra money for the privilege.

4) Traditional Wedding Walk

If the distance between the i-do’s and the reception isn’t that far consider walking over. Invest in some just in case brollies but having the bride and groom lead a procession to the reception and make sure your photographer is there to snap the whole event. It makes for some lovely pictures and it’s definitely something different.

5) Haggle, Haggle, Haggle

Make sure you get quotes off a few companies and try haggling. Make sure you always pay for anyone’s service and time fairly, especially, as there are hidden costs to wedding cars, it’s not simply about the journey, there’s insurance and public liability, regular valets, petrol, tax and the drivers time etc all to factor in. That being said you should be able to wangle a discount, do you have any relatives or friends getting married that you can recommend the company to or better still both book together and you are sure to get some sort of discount. Will you need the driver to wait all day for you or could you make alternative travel arrangements for the end of the night such as a taxi, your photographer is likely to have gone home anyway. Could you supply your own bubbles or just pay for the transport and the photo ops?

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