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Suit Style for the Modern Groom

Last year alone we saw about 180 grooms parties through the door at House of Oliver, it’s such a privilege to be able to dress the whole party and getting to know the grooms as well as we know the brides helps us really get to know your wedding and style. We work extremely hard to stay competitive and with suit hire from £65 we do like to think we hit that button! Saving on your suits though does not mean you need to compromise on style and having your own dedicated assistant at your appointment means you can get it right every time.

We’ve pulled together some tips on modern styling for 2018 you may wish to consider and also how to get the most out of your suit appointment at House of Oliver Bridal.

1. Book in for a First Fit

Your first fit is an important part of the process. You’ll get to know the suits we stock, discuss your wedding and the look you may have envisaged for your day. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas – your assistant is on hand to suggest looks and show you all of the options available. It is best to minimise numbers at this appointment, there are lots of options available to you the groom and your grooms party and a few decisions to be made! We suggest the decision makers come to this appointment so as choices and opinions don’t become too overwhelming. If this is you and your partner, fantastic or just you, the groom – try to keep the number of people accompanying you to this appointment to a minimum. The rest of your party can book in at another time and we can quickly take measurements from these.

2. Know your colour scheme

It may seem an obvious one, but quite often the groom comes in with no idea really of the colours he’s matching suits up to. If you can bring a photograph of any flowers or bridesmaids dresses – your assistant can match the ties or cravats if that’s the look you are going for. Some couples prefer a contrast which is fine too, but it’s a good idea to come prepared. It’s worth noting colour choices can be changed up until 2 weeks before the wedding, so if you change your theme, no problems! Just let us know!

3. Your options

Wedding lingo can be a complex matter but it need not be. We stock traditional tails right through to modern skinny fit suits. Your assistant can show you all of the options, talk you through materials and colours of suits too. We have everything from tuxedo’s to Prince Edward jackets, cravats to ties and different shirts to suit you and your style too. Don’t get bogged down with the correct terminology, your assistant will help you pull your look together, and fill in all of the paperwork required too. Just try and enjoy the experience as much as you can and envisage marrying your other half! Leave the styling to us!

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4. I’d like to change some of the outfit to fit my personality, is that allowed?

Of course it is! Whether you’d like to incorporate a coloured shirt or a dicky bow or braces, just let us know. Grooms like to get their personality across in their outfits as much as a bride and there’s options available to you too. Anything you wish to bring with you to your final fits that will give you the overall look please do so. From shoes to a pocket watch, if there’s something that will complete the look and you want to try it on with our suits feel free to bring it with you and try it all on together!

5. Trousers

Grooms, the fit of your trousers is so important. We want to give you that made to measure look even though it’s a hire item, and we think there’s nothing worse than crumpled pools of trouser on a shoe on your wedding day! Ill fitting trousers just scream unkempt. We’ll advise you to wear your chosen trousers on your true waist at your fittings so we can get your trouser leg length correct, this is to ensure you look and feel your best.
Whether you want your trousers tapered or a more tailored fit we can sort all of this out at your fittings too, consider other members in your party and what options they may like too. Your assistant is on hand to make suggestions so each member of your party can be comfortable

6. Waistcoats

If you are considering wearing waistcoats as part of your outfits, consider matching with the suits for a more modern choice or having a contrast for the groom. We have lots of choice in store to get the look you’ll have been looking for. Waistcoats should be fitted as snug as your jacket, to show a tailored look, your chosen vest will have an adjuster on the back to give a tailored look. Consider having a slimmer fit shirt too if this is the look you are going for. Consider something timeless with your waistcoat, long past your wedding day, your photographs will be around to treasure, garish waistcoats may seem fun at the time but there’s certainly a time and a place!

With trends changing so often, smart never goes out of fashion! If in doubt we would suggest a timeless suit in a grey or more modern navy or blue with matching waistcoat and neckwear to compliment your theme. It’s nice, sometimes to create a palette of colours too rather than have everything matching across your wedding too.

We would invite you to book an initial first fitting today and be on the way to styling your grooms party.

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