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Top 2016 Wedding Trends

The question has been asked, the HELL YES has been given, engagement selfie snapped, Facebook announcement planned and executed to perfection, the next thing to get on with is ALL THE PLANNING.
So you flock to the bible of wedding inspiration, the place every bride goes looking for a bit of #wedspo – PINTEREST. Many a bride-to-be flocks to Pinterest for some major big day inspiration, pinning images of dresses, elaborate DIY projects, rustic barn ceremonies and a whole load of lace and hessian to their dream wedding board. Thousands of brides to be use Pinterest every single day for inspiration and a place to organise all of their ideas and if you are wondering what they are pinning then look no further…..

Here are the the top 2016 wedding trends on Pinterest this year, according to their blog. Consider this the pièce de résistance and be- all and end- all of 2016 wedding Pinterest boards.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses The mismatched bridesmaid dress trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and seems to be a trend here to stay – for now at least. We couldn’t be happier about it and neither could your ‘maids! Giving your friends the freedom to choose their own dresses leaves the whole bridal party feeling confident and comfortable and leaves your wedding with a relaxed vibe that pops in photos. Either having them in different styles of the same dress such as a multi-way maxi or having a palette of colours your girls can choose from this modern trend makes sure your girls look their best on the day wearing something they know flatters their shape and colouring. Happy bridesmaids, happy bride 🙂

Food Vans Whether it’s a late-night snack or in place of your sit down reception dinner, food vans have been owning the wedding menu game in 2016. Endless options of cuisine, accessibility, and all out fun-ness It’s no wonder why guests start cheering when these curbside chefs pull up at the reception.

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image: Michelle Lindsay Photography
Honeymoon Funds Most brides and grooms ditch tradition and are living together now long before they get wed. Instead of stocking their newlywed nest with six different types of toaster no one needs, brides and grooms have been opting to have guests contribute to their honeymoon instead of giving traditional wedding gifts. You can set up a website honeymoon fund page and have guests donate travel money or experiences and there’s no need to limit it to a honeymoon fund. Saving for a house deposit, wanting to upgrade the family wheels or even donate to charity you can set the page up for whatever it is you as a couple could really do with.

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Confetti Bars Traditionally you would have thrown rice at a newly wedded couple and over time this tradition has changed to confetti ….thank goodness…not sure I would fancy a bit of basmatti finding its way down my wedding gown! But now couples have been exchanging traditional dried flower and enviro friendly confetti with DIY confetti bars — tables lined with glitzy bowls of confetti, glitter, flower petals, and anything else your heart desires for guests to throw as the newlyweds head off into the sunset. Just think (and swoon…..) about how amazing those wedding exit photos will be…

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Circular Ceremony Seating Instead of a traditional straight ceremony aisle down the middle with guests sitting on either side, couples have been starting to seat their guests in circular-style seating. Pinterest searches of this unique trend are up 80 percent this year alone and it’s not hard to see why: Everyone gets a fantastic view, while you get fantastic photos!

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Image: Corbin Gukin
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