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7 things you should make time for the week before your wedding

It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness in a wedding frenzie the week before your wedding and be neglectful of what you really need to look and feel your best. Taking good care of yourself should become one of your top priorities at this time to ensure you avoid stressful situations and look and feel your best, ready to take in every moment of the best day of your lives.

1. Rest

Rest is often the first thing that flies out of the window when life gets hectic, and hectic usually is the word that most brides feel the week before the wedding. Last minute liasing with suppliers, making sure the groom has wrote his speech and making sure guests have all their travel arrangements in place are all jobs likely to be on your list. But, getting enough rest should be a top priority the week before your wedding. Not getting enough sleep makes you irritable and can leave you run down. Get a few early nights in when you can and plan for a little bit of R and R in the run up to the big day.

2. Eat well

As tempting as it is to try a crash diet the week before the wedding now is not the time. You are going to want to look and feel your best for the day. Crash dieting can leave your body low on energy and give you bad skin. Make sure you eat well with no drastic changes to your diet to keep your energy levels up and to give you a healthy glow. Make sure you drink lots of water too, your skin and eyes will thank you for it. Think glowing skin and sparkly eyes, for every cup of tea/coffee you drink you need to add an extra glass of water.

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3. Delegate a Friend

You will make guests feel special if you assign them tasks that are meaningful to you. The photographer often does not know your special aunt, or the members of your university clique, so designate one “photo contact” person from each side of the family. It is not often that all your favourite people get together for a celebration, so make the best of it while you can; pictures are forever.

Assign another friend responsibility of making sure the guest book is signed by everyone. It’s something on the day you won’t want to do and it’s one of those things you want everyone to fill in. It only involves her or him passing it around at a point in the day and again in the evening.

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4. Pamper Yourself

If there was ever an excuse for some R&R with your besties; it’s now. Have your nails done, your legs waxed, eyelashes applied, pedicure that sort of thing. Have a giggle, some lunch out. Try and plan some things that get you out of the house, the last week is likely to drag and sitting at home dwelling on all those decisions can make it a whole lot worse. Meet your mum for a spot of shopping, arrange a meal out for yourself and your partner to build the excitement and go and get those last minute holiday bits.

Anything to stop you going out of your mind dwelling on the wedding and building up those wedding jitters.5. Tie up loose ends.
Take an evening to tie up all the little loose ends. An organised bride is one step closer to a calm and serene one. Lists always help me, I even got major organised with colour coded lists in the run up to the wedding. Pay the final balances, organise the rehearsal (if you are having one) and review the timing of the wedding day itself with the bridal party. Chances are they will forget so you could text it to them or have it somewhere handy on the day for them, perhaps in a order of service kind of thing. You have worked hard for months on the run up to this day and now is the time to see it all come together, it’s a really satisfying feeling.

Make sure you take time to pat yourself on the back and enjoy it.

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6. Make some time for each other

Paying off suppliers, final meetings with venues, making sure everyone has the correct address it can feel like you are an expert at events planning at the end of your crash course in pulling off the perfect wedding. With all of this going on its easy to neglect the person you are doing this all for in the first place. Make each other feel involved and part of the process. Ask their opinion on things and delegate tasks between you for the final week. Make a list of everything that needs to be done in the last week, even things around the house, the food shopping, picking up the travel money and then decide who is going to do what. Then schedule some time in for the two of you doing something you enjoyed long before wedding planning was on the cards. Go to the cinema, cuddle up and watch a film, go for a walk together. Its so easy to become completely focused the last few weeks on the wedding you lose sight of each other a bit.

Last of all – Get excited!! It’s almost here, the day you have agonised over. Enjoy every second of the build up and the day itself too and give yourself an almighty pat on the back! You made it 🙂

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